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The care package I sent to my boyfriend for his 22nd birthday!

6 cake jars
A shutterfly picture book
A shirt
A watch
365 reasons why I love you jar
A balloon
Reese’s pieces
Quote box
Cards/notes from family

Wow awesome care package! I have to make something like this

“He’s my knight in shining armor. Only better; he’s in dress blues.” 
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He’s my knight in shining armor. Only better; he’s in dress blues.” 

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It’s silly because I don’t miss the sex, your kisses, or your bear hugs the most. Not quite as much as I miss the warmth I feel when I roll over at 2 am and see you in your most vulnerable state. I miss that, when your mouth is just slightly open so that I can hear each breath you take. And when I grab on to your sleeping body, you would wake just enough to pull me in as tight as your muscles allow.
That’s what I miss the most (via remembertoforget804)
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Taking a moment to reflect on one of the hardest moments in my life. The military is dominated by males, white males to be exact. My career field as a mechanic is extremely male dominated. And being a black female on the same aircraft I work on? You can say there are less than 10 of us.

My wingman Miriam and I dealt with some very rude and inappropriate comments throughout training. Everyone said we had an attitude, we weren’t willing to learn, there was always a problem with our hair, our nails, our makeup. No one wanted to see us succeed but each other. They even accused of us being racist because we only liked to hang out with each other. Hello? We were the only females in a school of 50+ males! And who could we go and tell this to when all our superiors were white males who were against us and couldn’t relate to our struggle?

It was hard. We had night we cried. Nights we wanted to find a way out of the AirForce but we worked so hard to get to that point. We refused to give up. This was us on the day of our graduation. We became certified A-10 crew chiefs.

Miriam is currently working her way out of the military now, she has switched over to the Reserves unit. She couldn’t handle the discrimination in her unit. I am still active duty and working everyday to build my way to the top. I will succeed. I will get a woman to take a place of a high ranking male. I will get us somewhere. Believe that.


Nothing but love. =)
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Nothing but love. =)

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Daddy & Me portrait session.  

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I made us a cute date idea jar this morning!!

They look super cute!!

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a-crown-of-thorns said: hi :) my bf and I have been dating for about three years now. I go to school in Hawaii and he's in California doing army ROTC at his college. I'm pretty independent and can deal with long distance fine, however he is currently doing a month long training at Fort Knox and we have limited contact, I havent spoken to him in a week :( I didn't think this would have an effect on me since we do long distance already, but it is. any advice on how to deal with no communication? Thanks! :)

Do you get letters at all? No communication at all sounds pretty difficult! My honest advice is to focus on yourself. For me, when I went two weeks without hearing from Ricky I focused a lot on working out. Having an outlet that allows you to be productive and takes some time out of your day helps take your mind off of missing him so much! Also, writing some letters or preparing a care package works because you’re doing something that makes you think of him and is keeping you busy.

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#milso #myhappyplace #love #airman #military :)
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#milso #myhappyplace #love #airman #military :)

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I’m going to some colleges visits! Talked to Ricky and he is completely supportive of me doing whatever I have to do. The good thing about being long distance and him being in the Army is that it allows us to work on ourselves so that we are always getting better. I love that ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️