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I made us a cute date idea jar this morning!!

They look super cute!!

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a-crown-of-thorns said: hi :) my bf and I have been dating for about three years now. I go to school in Hawaii and he's in California doing army ROTC at his college. I'm pretty independent and can deal with long distance fine, however he is currently doing a month long training at Fort Knox and we have limited contact, I havent spoken to him in a week :( I didn't think this would have an effect on me since we do long distance already, but it is. any advice on how to deal with no communication? Thanks! :)

Do you get letters at all? No communication at all sounds pretty difficult! My honest advice is to focus on yourself. For me, when I went two weeks without hearing from Ricky I focused a lot on working out. Having an outlet that allows you to be productive and takes some time out of your day helps take your mind off of missing him so much! Also, writing some letters or preparing a care package works because you’re doing something that makes you think of him and is keeping you busy.

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#milso #myhappyplace #love #airman #military :)
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#milso #myhappyplace #love #airman #military :)

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I’m going to some colleges visits! Talked to Ricky and he is completely supportive of me doing whatever I have to do. The good thing about being long distance and him being in the Army is that it allows us to work on ourselves so that we are always getting better. I love that ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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loveisaperfectparadise said: In your post about wanting a stable job and your income and all that jazz. I know exactly how you feel, I'm literally in the same spot as you. I have one more year until I get my BA in Economics and BS in Marketing and trying to figure out if a steady job will work while following my boyfriend all around the world. It makes us question if we're doing the right things right now

Exactly. I can’t help but question myself. Thanks :)



how he makes me laugh is what I miss the most <3

Couldn’t help but reblog. This is such an amazing picture :)
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how he makes me laugh is what I miss the most <3

Couldn’t help but reblog. This is such an amazing picture :)

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A wake up call? Slap in the face?

I was reading this blog, and in it she says she’s moved 6 times in 8 years, is a stay at home mom, and has a BA in social services. And reading this was like a slap in the face because it made me realize how far people are willing to go for the ones they love + all the sacrifices people make for the military.

I have been hell bent on going to college for a BA in international business plus a minor in Japanese. I want a steady job that makes good income so that my future family will always live comfortably. But that isn’t a reality if you are moving 6 times in 8 years. And if I won’t ever be able to use my degree is it worth going to college for and being in debt?

My mom made a choice to stay in Michigan for my dad. So do I have to let go of my dreams in order to be with the man I love? I’m feel so confused and conflicted. I want to go to college and be independent, have my own income, but I don’t know if that’s possible.

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Look at kenley looking all handsome.
Two years ago today!

Ah! And look at Harper’s curls!

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Just Married ❤️


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PC: milsostronglove IG

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Anonymous said: My boyfriend leaves for training tomorrow. He is going into the coast guard academy and I'm having a tough time dealing with not being able to talk to him for 7-8 weeks. Do you have any advice? Literally anything is appreciated


I do have some general advice that seems to have helped some people when their loved one is gone:

  1. It’s okay to cry. A lot of people think that the only way to get through something such as distance you have to be strong at all times, but this is not true. If you get sad and down don’t feel ashamed. It is completely normal to feel that way and it’s just a sign that you truly care about this person. I have always felt that it is in our moments of weakness that we find the strength to keep going. Take your time and be upset then, when you start to feel ready, pick yourself up as best you can and do what needs to be done.
  2. Adapt to change. There will be times where the two of you will have plans to Skype or talk or something and something will happen to were they will be unable to contact you. When this happens try to keep in mind that it is not always their fault that this is happening and that they want to talk to you just as much as you do them. Take your time and be down about what happened, then set a date to try again and look forward to the next time you can have some contact.
  3. You two are a team. If something is bothering you about how things are going in the relationship talk to your SO about it. The only way the two of you are going to be able to solve any problems is if the two of you are both aware that there is in fact an issue. The more honest you two are with each other the easier it will be to solve small problems before they become larger issues.
  4. Be aware of others. Although some people may seem supportive of your relationship in the beginning some may try and persuade you to end it because you have moments of loneliness or issues because of the distance. When this happens consider what they say, but don’t weigh your decisions too heavily on them. The only people who have any say in your relationship is you are your SO, no one else.
  5. Keep yourself busy. School and work are excellent ways to keep yourself distracted while your loved one is away. They take up a larger portion of your time and they are also extremely productive. Remember, just because they are gone does not mean that your life is on hold.
  6. This type of relationship is not for everyone. Long distance relationships and military relationships can be difficult and cause stresses that not everyone can handle. If you are in a relationship with someone and the distance or something else is too much for you there is absolutely no shame in ending things. However, when you start to feel this way please contact me or someone on the directory and take some time to decide if it is a bad day or you really do want to end things. After all, it is better to end things when you know for sure than to drag things out and cause false hope.

If you ever need anything, have questions, or just want to talk I am always here.

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kjudd5 said: My boyfriend and I met at a very young age too. We were 15 when he moved to my school. From the first day I knew he was special. We have been together for 6 months and are madly in love. He's always known that he's going into the army, but i'm having a hard time with it. I see him almost every single day and depend on him for a lot. I'm just wondering how you can forget about him leaving and enjoy the time together now?

I can understand completely. When Rick comes home for a few days the nagging thought about him leaving is in the back of my head, like a countdown until I can’t be with him anymore. There really is no way to just forget, but you can make a conscious effort to enjoy every second and just get swept up in the moment of being with him!

Also, it’s okay to express that you’re sad and how much he means to you. Just don’t waste your time with him always being sad!